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Youth for Climate Justice - Get involved in the SYSTEM:RESET project today!

Posted by Triona Reid on September 04, 2020 at 04:33 PM

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As we campaign to address the climate crisis, it is crucial that we are guided by those who are most impacted by the problem. This is the right thing to do, but it’s also the most strategic. That’s why it’s crucial that a diverse range of people and groups are involved in shaping climate solutions - and that underrepresented groups are urgently brought to the table. Addressing the climate crisis requires much more than simply cutting emissions - to be successful we must challenge the unjust economic and social systems that underpin this crisis - and be guided by people who are most impacted by these very systems.

With this in mind, I’m incredibly excited to tell you about the SYSTEM:RESET project. And optimistic that you can help me make the project a success! It’s a project aimed at young people but I’ve got a request for both young and old. So no matter what age you are, please keep reading! SYSTEM:RESET is an EU-wide project focused on amplifying underrepresented voices in the fight against climate change. We are particularly interested in amplifying the voices of youth from groups that are disproportionately affected by social and ecological injustices such as young travellers, migrants, asylum seekers, LGBTI+ & rural youth. Are you from one of these groups, or from another group that is underrepresented in climate and policy making spaces? Or do you know someone who is? Could you tell them about the project?

Register interest in SYSTEM:RESET by filling out this form


re picThrough the SYSTEM:RESET project we plan to build platforms across Europe to bring young people from under-represented communities into multilevel decision-making processes. They will be supported to build strong, collective visions of the just, intersectional transformation of society we need by 2030.

Ways to get involved in SYSTEM:RESET

There are several tiers to this project and many ways to participate depending on participants’ area of interest. For example, participants from underrepresented communities will have opportunities to collaborate with us to co-create climate justice workshops, develop their communication and digital content creation skills or develop a position paper on Youth Voices on Climate Justice. No previous knowledge or experience is necessary.

Youth Citizens' Assemblies

Citizens' Assemblies will be an important feature of SYSTEM RESET. We plan to facilitate a number of youth-focused “Citizens' Assemblies” on climate change and how it intersects with other social issues. The assemblies will be held in 3 regions around the country and there will be one national assembly at the end of the project. The visions collected will be transformed into documents, images & videos to be shared with decision makers and the wider public. 

If one (or more!) of these activities take your fancy than why not register your interest in the project here. Or if you know someone from an underrepresented group who might like to get involved then please do share this info with them. 

Register interest in SYSTEM:RESET

Solidarity Fund

We have a small solidarity fund available for young people who want to run workshops, trainings or events with their own groups or communities that work towards collecting the visions and ideas of their peers on topics such as Intersectionality, the Commons and European Green Deal. The fund will be available to support workshops throughout the month of September - with an extension on dates likely due to the impact of COVID-19. This fund can be spent on items such as materials, renting space, food, travel and accommodation (if the event is longer than a day). People can register their interest in the fund via the SYSTEM:RESET expression of interest form



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