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Catching up on Community Energy

Posted by Kate Ruddock on June 17, 2020 at 11:01 PM

Upperchurch_School pic with logo in sky

Covid-19 created some delays for our Solar Schools 2020 winners but we will soon be back on track getting solar panels on their roofs. This year we had 8 winners and 8 runners up. Our winning schools will be generating their own clean energy and championing the solar revolution in Ireland.

Congratulations to all our winners!

We can’t wait to work with these primary and secondary schools and get going with their local climate action projects.

Special congratulations to St Munchins in Limerick who became the newest Solar School this month! Their newly installed6 kw array of solar PV panels will generate about 5,070 kWh per year for the school, to power lights, computers, photocopiers etc., saving about €800 while avoiding 3,000kg of CO2 a year.

Solar Panels on School

We want every school in Ireland to be a solar school, and we know that the changes to the rules we have been pushing for are now ever more important. Luckily the new Programme for Government recognises our demands, it commits to allowing schools sell any excess electricity they produce but don’t use and to changing the planning regulations so schools don’t have to apply for planning permission for solar panels.

Right now our Solar Schools are soaking up the sun and belting out clean power, but it can’t be used by the school while they are closed. A feed-in-tarrif would mean that schools, community buildings and households can sell any excess electricity back to the grid for fair payment. Imagine how this could transform renewable energy generation in Ireland!

Community Power is Ireland’s first ever 100% renewable energy electricity provider that is entirely owned by communities. Community Power is working hard to get community owned solar farms up and running across Ireland. We can help them grow by joining as customers. Switch your electricity supplier for your home, business or community space to Community Power TODAY.

Supporting local, community and citizen owned renewable energy is one of the best ways to support the transition to clean energy in Ireland.

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