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Black Lives Matter

Posted by Claudia Tormey on June 10, 2020 at 11:28 AM


Although we may not understand what it’s like to experience violence and discrimination due to racism, we stand in solidarity with those in the United States and across the world whose lives have been and continue to be severely and negatively impacted by structural racism.

The discrimination, brutality, violence and murder that caused the deaths of George Floyd, Michael Brown, Eric Garner, and Breonna Taylor, to name but a few, is a manifestation of the same false and dangerous perception of difference based on skin colour that is rampant in Ireland, and visible in the way this country treats migrants & asylum seekers via the abhorrent system of direct provision.

Some people may wonder why we, an environmental justice organisation based in Ireland, would be posting a message at this time. Racism, just like climate change, knows no borders. And racism, just like climate change, is a symptom of an unjust economic model which operates via the extraction of resources from the many for the benefit of the few, compounding inequalities and blaming the most impacted for the situation they are in.

What is happening in the US is a manifestation of a broken economic model that favours white, wealthy lives over others, and we believe that a global response of solidarity and action is absolutely necessary in order to dismantle this system and contribute to the prevention of grossly unjust deaths in the future.

We are asking you to donate to MASI - Movement of Asylum Seekers in Ireland who are directly challenging the direct provision system in Ireland. You can do so by sending your donation to via PayPal (

Please also consider donating directly to the US via this link which will split your donation between multiple organisations fighting racism and police brutality

#EndDirectProvision #BlackLivesMatter

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