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Let's talk about 'Weather', with Jenny Offill and Sinéad Gleeson

Posted by Claudia Tormey on May 25, 2020 at 06:33 PM

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While debating whether or not to host a book club this year, we came across this article in the Irish Times and well, the decision was made instantly.

Join us in conversation with Jenny Offill, author of New York Times best seller, 'Weather'. We are honoured to also have Irish writer, Sinéad Gleeson, on board as interviewer.

Click here to register for this webinar!

This event will be hosted over zoom, at 8pm on Friday June 5th to mark World Environment Day 2020.

Jenny Offill's latest book 'Weather' resonated with many of us on the Friends of the Earth team. It's not often you pick up a book and think, oh I know that story. And you hear so many others around you say that too!

"In Weather, the narrator Lizzie is an empathetic librarian, caring for her depressed addict brother and her young son but like Offill, Lizzie stays up at night researching the end of the world. All the anxieties of modern life are there: fear, then apathy, tending to the mundanities of life while the world burns.

"Offill realised that she suffered from a particular type of climate denial “to know it intellectually but to not have it affect you in a way that has more of an emotional charge”. The book became “a very novelist project of maybe wanting to make you feel something about this”. - Irish Times.

“Weather” is a novel reckoning with the simultaneity of daily life and global crisis, what it means for a woman to be all of these things: a mother packing her son’s backpack and putting away the dog’s “slobber frog,” a sister helping her recovering-addict brother take care of his infant daughter, and a citizen of a possibly doomed planet that might be a very different place for the son whose backpack she is packing, when he packs his own son’s backpack decades from now, or certainly when that someday-son does the same for his own children". - New York Times.

Team Weather CollageStories help us make sense of the world, but they can also help us connect, sometimes connecting us with ourselves. Within the climate movement, we do lots of doing. It's also important to stop and reflect. We hope you will join us for this conversation which will touch on the more emotional and personal aspect of facing into the climate crisis.

If you haven't yet read 'Weather', you can order a copy from our friends at Books Upstairs (based in Dublin), they just got a big order in and can get a copy out to you in a few days. You can email to place an order. Let's support local businesses!

We've all read the book, and we can't wait to hear what you think. 

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