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Time to raise our voices

Posted by Oisín Coghlan on April 09, 2020 at 03:00 PM


Fianna Fail and Fine Gael are close to finalizing a joint policy framework as the basis to go into Government together. In the coming days they plan to invite the smaller parties to talk about joining them.

I'll email my TD

FF and FG are the only parties whose leaders did not sign the One Future pledge for Faster and Fairer Climate Action. The only want to cut emissions by 2% a year when the science says it needs to be at least 8%. We need to bend the emissions curve rapidly, they are content to just nudge it.

We need to ask TDs in all parties to tell their leaders and negotiators that containing climate breakdown must be central to the Programme for Government, even was we battle to prevent runaway coronavirus.

Make sure climate action stays in

FF and FG are briefing the media that their joint framework will only have headlines on key issues like housing, health and climate. That's not good enough .

The Government investment and intervention planned to protect jobs and incomes in the wake of COVID 19 is a once-in-a-generation chance to reimagine our economy to better serve society. We need a Fair Recovery that puts the wellbeing of people and and planet first, not a rebooting of business-as-usual.

For over a decade politicians having been saying "business-as-usual is not an option" on climate action, before continuing to promote business-as-usual. This is it. If we want to stop climate breakdown we cannot turn business-as-usual back on.

Yes, I want A Fair Recovery,
with Faster Climate Action

The new Government's plans are a crucial chance to reinvent our economy so it is more sustainable, more resilient and more equal.

The last few weeks have upended so many patterns and habits of our consumerist societies. Even as the pandemic has taken its toll in lives and jobs, it has also reminded us of what rally matters to us: family, community, solidarity. If anything good can come of this present calamity it is that we bring the same mutual determination to bear now on preventing the even greater catastrophe of runaway climate change.


In hope and fellowship,

Oisín Coghlan
Friends of the Earth


P.S. TDs are stepping up talks about a new Government this weekend. Do email them to tell them climate action must be central to their economic plans.

Ready for the next step?

Join us online at 5pm today, Thursday
and we'll all call our TDs across the country
at the same time, to tell them Faster and Fairer Climate Action must be central to the new Government's plans

Its easy . Join the zoom call at any time between 5pm and 6pm today . ( Click here to get the link ). We'll have a quick introduction and then we'll get out our phones and call our TDs together. We'll be with you all the way, giving you talking points , who to call and a supportive community to chat to after.

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