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One Future - Just the Beginning

Posted by Claudia Tormey on February 26, 2020 at 06:39 PM

Canvass Collage

In the run up to the recent General Election, Friends of the Earth supporters pulled together, and reached out, like never before.

Thanks to our strong, and growing community, we raised more money more quickly than we ever have before, putting €25,000 into the pot for climate work during the election.

That fund allowed us to work with our partners in the Stop Climate Chaos Coalition to create the One Future Campaign for Faster and Fairer Climate Action, which included not only long-time allies but more recent ones like the National Women’s Coucil and the Union of Students in Ireland. This became the broadest civil society push for more political and government climate action than ever before.

Around the country, Friends of the Earth members teamed up with Extinction Rebellion members, with people from local environmental groups, and with Oxfam and Christian Aid supporters, among many others, to do One Future canvasses and leaflet drops.

Here's what we achieved, thanks to your actions!

In addition to collaborating groups - 70 organisations, from NGOs to grassroots activist groups across women's, youth, faith, environmental and overseas aid sectors signed up to support One Future for faster and fairer climate action.

Over 300 One Future 'Canvass for Climate' packs were sent out across the country for distributing materials in communities - kick starting many important climate conversations between friends, families and most importantly with election candidates.

800 people took the One Future online action, sending 10,000 emails directly to candidates asking them to sign the climate pledge. And as a result - 43 of the 160 TDs in the new Dáil have signed the pledge so far, including the leader of Sinn Fein and all the TDs elected for the Green Party, Labour, the Social Democrats and Solidarity - People Before Profit.

What's next for One Future?

Now, the local One Future teams are regrouping to meet each of the 160 TDs across the 39 constituencies and give them a copy of Greta Thunberg’s powerful speeches, gathered in the book “No One Is Too Small To Make a Difference”, and present them with a copy of One Future’s detailed policy demands.

Join the next One Future action - sign up here at the link.

This is just the beginning of our collective push to save the future by ensuring the next Government prioritizes faster and fairer climate action.

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