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Building Our Power

Posted by Claudia Tormey on February 26, 2020 at 05:47 PM

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In late 2019, we wrapped up our Climate Campaigners Capacity Building Programme, which was funded by the Wheel’s Training Links.

This project allowed us to forge new connections and strengthen existing ones with groups all across Ireland as well channel funds into grassroots activist groups to enable them to build capacity and reach more people.

Over 18 months, the programme delivered 53 trainings - reaching almost 1,000 people face-to-face. Trainings included Climate Communications, Cultural Awareness & Anti-discrimination, Non-Violent Direct Action, Intersectionality, Active Hope, Group Facilitation, Tools for Decentralised Organising, Creative Actions, Climate Justice and Extractivism - to name just a few. Click here to see a list of the trainings delivered.

Educational and training is never over - we believe continual growth and learning is integral to building power. That's why Meaghan, who manages all things educational here at Friends of the Earth, came up with the idea for a Facilitators and Trainers Network.

There are so many gifted facilitators and educators in our midst, but they are often disconnected from each other. In order for our movement to grow and adapt - we need to build community and pool our resources.

Already, many facilitators have been trained and have been delivering workshops in universities. And you can join the network too! Sign up here to be kept in the loop for the next induction session

Here’s some feedback from Kevin who did a workshop with Trinity College Dublin students,“I really enjoyed doing the workshop and I wouldn't hesitate delivering this workshop again. And the young group of Trinity students were only brilliant which really was such a boost for me too.”

Connecting Struggles, our final event of 2019, brought together groups including Love Leitrim, LASC, Extinction Rebellion, Active Hope Ireland, MASI, Diem 25, Talamh Beo, FoE Northern Ireland and Doctors for the Environment to explore change making.

The purpose of the event was inspired by the 4th book in our Book Club, ‘Resist: How to be an Activist in the Age of Defiance’ by Michael Segalov. The event brought about many important conversations on intersectionality, power structures and how to sustain and build movements for change.


In order for our movement needs to grow and adapt - we need to build community and support each other. This is critical to help us keep going when the going gets tough.

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