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We've Switched our Power - and you can too?

Posted by Friends of the Earth on February 20, 2020 at 12:18 PM

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We have been working for years to support policy and legislation changes to enable people and communities take part in the energy transition.  And now, it's becoming real!  Our great friends and partners in the development of Ireland's first Community based Virtual Power Plant, Community Power have become a licenced supplier of electricity, and we've just switch our office electricity so we are buying electricity that is clean, renewable and owned by citizens and communities. And today, if you have a house, business or community enterprise, you can switch too!

This initiative grew out of Ireland's first and only community owned wind farm, Templederry, in Co. Tipperary, and is now working with us and a growing network of community energy co-operatives to support more renewable energy projects across Ireland.

Unlike the big electricity suppliers, Community Power wants to pay small generators, like our solar schools for any excess renewable energy they generate, and wants the people and communities of Ireland to own shares in lots of solar farms, wind farms or hydro plants. We'll be telling you more about how you can own part of solar farms in Tipperary, Mayo and Galway in a couple of months.

Community Power is now in a position to take on new customers. They're looking for people who share in their vision to transform how Ireland generates electricity. I

We want Ireland to run on clean renewable power, developed for people, owned by people. We recognize Ireland’s energy system is in crisis, but 30% of our electricity is now coming from renewables. We want to make sure the benefits of the next 30% is shared by the people and communities of Ireland, and that people can afford to power their homes. That's why we're with Community Power.

Alan in Kilkenny is a hydro generator supplying Community Power. Watch his story here.


PS: Community Power have committed to always offering fair, consistent, competitive prices. They'll never offer discounts to entice customers only to hack up the prices later and they don't do gimmicks. Check out the Prices here.

PPS: We've just switched the Friends of the Earth office, and we're saving money!

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