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Join the Candidate Hunt - This Saturday!

Posted by Claudia Tormey on January 30, 2020 at 05:23 PM

Candidate Hunt

It’s no secret that climate has been missing from the narrative of the general election.

The One Future campaign is reaching people across Ireland to make sure climate is a part of this election. One Future needs everyone to get the message out there. One Future needs you!

Take part in the One Future Candidate Hunt on Saturday February 1st and put climate on the agenda of #GE2020 candidates and voters alike.

Join the Candidate Hunt!

The Candidate Hunt is a climate-themed treasure hunt, with a list of challenges for you as an individual or as part of a group to complete and share on social media. Each team that takes part and sends photo evidence gets a prize, with silver, gold and platinum level prizes!

Download the challenge sheet here!


Help spread the message!

Follow One Future on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook to be kept up to date on the campaign.

Check out this short video and share on Twitter to encourage people to sign up to canvass and join the Candidate Hunt.

Moments like this are key for any campaign that seeks to make a nationwide splash. If you're anything like most people right now in Ireland that care about climate change, you're likely frustrated that it hasn't been given the attention it deserves and has been downright ignored by a worryingly high level of our potential future leaders.

There's just over a week to go until polling day.

Every interaction counts. Let's do this.

Claudia, Friends of the Earth

#CandidateHunt #GE2020 #ClimateVote2020 - hashtags to use on social media

P.S. Check out this great video about how to have constructive Climate Conversations!

P.P.S. You can find upcoming canvasses and One Future materials collection hubs on the map here.

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