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Climate Actions for Election 2020

Posted by Claudia Tormey on January 17, 2020 at 04:48 PM


The general election has been called for February 8th. We have three weeks to get everyone across Ireland talking to their local candidates about climate. And we need you to give and do what you can.

We need Faster and Fairer Climate Action

Much Faster: We need to be cutting our climate-polluting emissions by at least 8% a year, not 2% as planned, to make sure we achieve the Paris Agreement

Much Fairer: We need a substantial increase in government investment in public transport, warmer homes and community energy to make zero carbon options available for everyone.

Want more talking points? We've created this list to give you some pointers on what to ask your local candidates.

Together with our Stop Climate Chaos partners, we're launching a huge nationwide campaign next weekto get every household across the country talking to their local candidates about climate action. And we're going to need your help!

Sign up to volunteer!

We need people all across Ireland to help distribute flyers and stickers in their local areas, to make sure people know what to say to politicians at their doorsteps. Can you volunteer locally? Sign up here at the link.

We're all hands on deck here at the Friends of the Earth office, there will be lots of jobs for volunteers who can work from our office (starting next Tuesday!). Can you volunteer from our office in Dublin? Sign up here at the link.

If you can't commit to volunteering, but still want to do your bit by putting flyers around your workplace or stickers in your car or front window, we can post you a materials pack. Sign up here at the link.

The next three weeks are going to be hectic, and historic. Please do join us so we can give it everything. We need everyone to give whatever they can to make this matter.

We'll be sharing more opportunities to take action and get involved next week.

Thanks for stepping up!

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