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No Fracking. No.

Posted by Friends of the Earth on October 04, 2019 at 03:05 PM

We put everything into the campaign to fight against the LNG fracked gas terminals this week.  And so did our supporters!.Thank you! 

Thousands of people contacted their politicians by phone and email to ask them to stop the Irish support for these projects, which will lock us into fossil fuel infrastructure and subject the communities in North America who are already suffering from fracking for decades more harm for years to come. On Friday October 4th the Irish Government ignored science, ignored people and ignored members of Parliament and went to Brussels to commit its support to import fracked gas.  This support means projects will be given special permissions to get a fast track through the planning and the permitting process.  They have also ensured that the door will be wide open for significant subsidies and grants. 

Last week, this was a little known thing.  The Government were refusing to tell anyone when they were planning to make this decision and indeed planned all the scrutiny and debate for AFTER the decision would have already been made.  We said NOT ON OUR WATCH.

This week, it is international news.  Clebrities Mark Ruffalo and Michael Moore weighed in on the campaign along with 50 Irish and American NGO's who wrote to the Taoiseach asking him pull support for fracked ga infrastructure.  Over half our MEP's, and all opposition TD's have stated that there is no place for fracked gas in Ireland's energy mix. 

The Minister has committed to a review of our energy security, and there is now growing awareness amoung politicians that energy security does not mean fossil fuel security. 

From here, we pick up and start working again with our allies to fight all new gas infastructure. 

Check in with our Autum of Activism to learn how you can skill up on gas and all its guises, from fracking to plastic and everything in between.   

We know we're on the right side of history on this.  Thanks for being with us. 

Sign the petition to show your support. 

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