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What TDs need to know for the debate on fracked gas imports today

Posted by Friends of the Earth on October 03, 2019 at 11:25 AM


99% of the gas that would be imported to a planned termnial on the Shannon would be fracked in the USA. The Dáil is currently debating whether the project should get special EU treatment and subsidies. Here's what TDs need to know. (To download a pdf briefing click here.)

The Irish Government are planning to go to Brussels tomorrow to table support with the European Commission for a Fracking Gas Terminal in Shannon 'Shannon LNG' and the reversal of the flow in the existing gas pipe that connects us wiht Scotland, so that we could become exporters of fracked gas across Europe. 

They were trying to do this without any debate, and without telling anyone! In fact they even scheduled hearings in Oireachtas Committees on the potential impacts of this infrastructure for NEXT week.  AFTER the decision would have already been made to support the plans.  Not ok! 

Here's our quick briefing for TD's in advance of the statements today. 

It is imperative that fracked gas terminals are removed from the PCI list which the Irish Government is proposing to table with the European Commission tomorrow.

  • If Ireland banned fracking because of public health and environmental risks, Why Are We Taking Fracked Gas from United States now?

  • Yes it is Fracked Gas that would be used in ‘Shannon LNG’! Even though yesterday AN Taoiseach said he wasn't sure.  New Fortress Energy, the company who would build the plant, have stated this to their investors, to the US Securities Exchange Commission AND they are currently trying to build the LNG export facility in Pennsylvania where 99% of gas extracted is from fracking.


  •  This process of having the ‘Shannon LNG’ terminal on the European Commission’s meeting agenda for the Projects of Common Interest (PCI) has been shrouded in secrecy and anti-democratic decision making. If approved it will have access to significant funding, fast track planning and can override environmental impacts as it will be deemed to be of the highest public interest. 

  • Confusing 'Energy Security' with 'Gas Security' is dangerous, and shows a complete disregard for climate science. Energy security for Ireland must come from further investment in renewables, storage, and electricity interconnection.

  • Minister Bruton said yesterday he had asked for a review of Energy Security.  He absolutely needs to wait until that review is complete before he commits to significant funding for gas terminals and risks stranded assests and carbon lock in for many decades to come. 

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