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Don't let the Government bypass the Dáil on fracked gas

Posted by Oisín Coghlan on October 02, 2019 at 07:17 AM

I really need you to email your TD today.

The Government is trying to lock Ireland into importing fracked gas for decades - WITHOUT ANY DÁIL DEBATE.

They plan to send officials to Brussels on Friday to approve special treatment for plans to build gas import terminals on the west coast, against the advice of EU experts, and before the Dáil gets the chance to discuss it.

I'll tell my TD that's not good enough

Yesterday Fine Gael and Fianna Fáil voted against making time to debate a special motion on the issue this week.

But there is still time. We're talking to TDs in all the opposition parties who believe in their right to scrutinize the Government's mad plan. But they need your support to get their parties to decide to force this onto the Dáil agenda this week.

I'll ask my TD to find a way to debate fracked gas

The Government is hoping that business as usual in the Dáil will mean they can get away with business as usual for fossil fuel companies - sucking up state subsidies to belch out pollution that will poison our future. They still don't get it. It's a Climate Emergency and we'll act like it even if they won't.

This is fast moving situation and I'll be back to you if we have news on the best way forward.

Thank you,

Oisín Coghlan
Friends of the Earth


P.S. There are statements in the Dáil this evening at 7pm on last week's UN Summit on Climate Action and we're trying to get TDs to make it a debate on gas. If you can attend the debate and sit in the gallery it would really help. Register here if you can come.

P.P.S. A European collective of anti-gas activists is starting a series of online seminars today for those who want to learn more about why gas is bad and how we can stop it. Everyone is welcome. Find out more here.

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