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Can you help the School Strikers be seen and heard? Literally.

Posted by Oisín Coghlan on September 17, 2019 at 11:19 AM


One of Greta Thunberg's great lines is "When we start to act, hope is everywhere". For me, watching 11,000 young people throng Molesworth Street last March it was slightly different. Seeing such action all around, I started to hope.

The global School Strikes For Climate movement that Greta sparked [1] has given me hope that together we can build a movement powerful enough, fast enough, to tip the balance towards serious climate action.

It is of course totally unjust that today's teenagers have to give up part of their childhoods to clear up the mess adults caused, in order to rescue us and save their own future.

So when the young Strikers ask for help, I really want to say yes.

I'll chip in for the cost of the stage and the sound systems

I can't chip in right now but I'll turn out on Friday

We've been doing what we can to support the School Strikers as they organize what could be the largest climate protest ever [2], this coming Friday.

And in the last few days they have come to us to say they have a shortfall of funds. They don't have enough cash to make sure there are stages booked for the rallies in Dublin and Cork. And that the sound systems they book are good enough to make sure people can hear the speeches.

The Strike leaders are literally asking can we help make sure they are seen and heard this Friday.

A couple of the bigger adult organizations have already said they will help out. But we are still about €1,200 short of what the young people need. I told them I was sure Friends of the Earth members would would do everything we can to support them.

I'll chip in for the cost of the stage and the sound systems

I can't chip in right now but I'll turn out on Friday

The clarity and courage of these young people has shamed political leaders into talking about climate breakdown like never before. With world leaders gathering at in New York next Monday to make their latest pledges at the UN [3], we need to make Friday's Global #ClimateStrike the strongest call for action yet.

If you can make one of the big rallies in Dublin or Cork at lunchtime please do come. If you can't make Dublin or Cork there are dozens of support events around the country . Please RSVP to your closest event to show your support . And there's still time to host your own event if there's none near you. All the information you need is here .

See you on the street this Friday. Together we can tip the balance.

Yours in hope and action,

Oisín Coghlan
Friends of the Earth

P.S. Anything you can chip in towards the costs of the stage and sound systems for the Dublin and Cork rallies will make all the difference to the Strikers. Thank you.


[1] Greta Thunberg was interviewed on The Daily Show in the US by Trevor Noah last week. If you have a few minutes it's well worth watching:

[2] "Greta Thunberg and the world’s biggest climate protest. A huge protest will precede the upcoming UN Climate Summit. Can it effect change?" by Kevin O'Sullivan: h ttps://

[3] Last week I was asked to make the keynote speech at an energy conference when Minister Bruton wasn't able to attend. I gave the speech that I'd like the Minister and the Taoiseach to make at the UN Summit next Monday:

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