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Movement Building, Skill Sharing and Collaborating

Posted by Claudia Tormey on July 29, 2019 at 04:59 PM

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A lot the work we do at Friends of the Earth involves working closely with grassroots activists groups, we do this because we see the importance of collaboration and relationship building to strenghten and build on the movement we are a part of.

Training Links Programme

Through our ongoing courses we have been actively enaging people in environmental issues, connecting the dots and offering opportunities for people to gain skills and knowledge so they can take action on the issues they care about.

Thanks to the Training Links programme, funded by The Wheel, we have been able to host a wide range of trainings to allow individuals find their voice and pathway into activism and to support activists in their campaigns and groups actions. Some of the workshops we ran recently include media and press release training, active hope training for resilience and well being, introduction to ecofeminism, decentralised organising and non violent direct action training. 

If there are any particular skills that you feel would help your group, or if you have a skill to share (we can pay facilitators to deliver these trainings!) please get in touch by emailing or call the office!

Climate Connects

Friends of the Earth are proud members of the ever moving, adapting and growing space that is Climate Connects.

Climate Connects believes that if we are to win the struggle for Climate Justice, we need to work together, share skills and resources and build trust between each other. It understands and respects that different people and groups have different strategies and tactics for achieving change. It believes in learning from experienced activists and sharing new ideas and tactics. It believes that by doing this, the Irish Climate Movement can support each other to mitigate against burnout and to remove steep learning curves for new activists.

The third Climate Connects gathering took place on Saturday 20th July in Dublin supported by a coalition of groups including Friends of the Earth. The event brought 80 campaigners and activists from across the climate justice movement to learn from each other’s experiences, share information, build collaborations and strategise together. At the event we heard from members of Fridays For Future on the upcoming Climate Strike called by students globally for the 20th September and from Extinction Rebellion about the Rebellion Week they have called for 7th October.

More info including details on the next event and how you and your group can get involved coming soon!

Power Beyond Borders Camp

Several Friends of the Earth staff members and activists attended the Power Beyond Borders camp linking climate justice and migrant solidarity in the UK. The camp provided a space for climate campaigners to learn from the experiences of migrant activists facing racism and discrimination in the UK and to understand the interconnected roots of climate change and racism. Activists and campaigners took action together calling for an end to direct provision and an end to the burning of gas in our energy systems.

Climate Camp Ireland

There are a number of activists planning a Climate Camp at the end of August. The camp will have workshops and talks on climate, biodiversity, and other environmental issues. This organising group are looking for enthusiastic people to get involved and come along. For more info contact us at and we'll put you in touch with the organisers.

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