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Sick of Plastic Supermarket Audit

Posted by Claudia Tormey on January 29, 2019 at 05:45 PM


Sick of Plasitc are ramping up the pressure on Supermarkets, it’s time they took our demands seriously. The Sick of Plastic petition now has over 16,000 names, and we want to present it to every major Supermarket in as many towns across the country as we can.

But before we approach Supermarkets again, we want to gather some data on what progress, if any, has been made. We're going to name and shame supermarkets who are refusing to act on plastic, and praise those who are taking the lead.

Can you help us find out what supermarkets are doing to tackle plastic by completing this really quick survey?

Survey Button

Our friends at have offered to gift everyone who completes the survey with a special discount code on a number of their zero waste products. And if you purchase any of their wonderful products, they’ll send you a free bar of chocolate too!

In addition to putting pressure on Supermarkets to act on plastic, we’ve been supporting the Waste Reduction Bill which demands the following;

  1. Introduce a deposit return scheme for plastic bottles and aluminium cans
  2. Tax single use coffee cups and promote reuse
  3. Ireland to comply with EU ban on single use plastics

In order to Break Free From Plastic, we need both system change and consumer change - please support the bill by signing our petition, sharing it with friends and making sure your local TDs are committing to action on plastic.

Huge thanks to Coffeeangel for supporting our work on plastic, and thanks to all of you who have been championing reuse with your reusable coffee cups! For every coffee purchased with a reusable cup in Coffeeangle, a 20c donation is made to the Sick of Plastic campaign. Since launching, Coffeeangel's #YourCupOurFuture initiative has kept 23,426 single use cups out of landfill!

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