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We can spark the solar revolution if we act right now.

Posted by Kate Ruddock on November 23, 2018 at 12:34 AM

Let there be light FINAL

Over 20,000 people signed our petition to support solar power in Ireland. Even Leo signed, while hanging out at Electric Picnic before he was Taoiseach. He agreed then there should be a fair payment for solar power.

And now it could happen, if you email your TDs today.

The Dáil will debate a draft law next Tuesday (the 27th) which would finally mean small-scale generators of renewable energy would get paid for the electricity they supply to the grid.

Will you ask your TD to support it?

Email my TDs

to back community-scale renewables.


At the moment in Ireland if you generate your own energy, any you don't use it all immediately, you have to give it away for free to the ESB.

Think of a school with solar panels on the roof, generating power through the summer holidays. Or a farm with a small hydro or wind turbine, spinning all night with nowhere for the power to go. Across Europe electricity companies are obliged to pay for that extra power. It's only fair, and it fundamentally changes the economics of an investment in microgeneration for an individual, a community, or a small business. Suddenly pay-back periods are much shorter, a source of income is created, and the extra power is accounted for.

It's a game changer. But electricity companies do not like it. They want you to buy your power entirely from them, forever.

The Microgeneration Bill will change that. If passed, it will be the law that anyone who generates power through microgeneration will be entitled to be paid for any electricity they do not use.

In practice it will mean solar power, hydro power and small wind turbines will be viable on Irish farms and in Irish Communities all across the country.

More power to you,

Kate, Oisin, Meaghan, Claudia, and Triona
Friends of the Earth

P.S More power to you, if your email your TDs today. TDs and their parties will be deciding how to vote in meetings on Monday. They need to hear your voice.

P.P.S If you want to watch the debate from the gallery, let us know by replying to this email or calling us on 01-639 4652.


And don't forget if you want to join us in Buswells on Wednesday week, 5th December, to meet your TD and talk turkey about climate change, register here for Rise for Climate, Jobs and Justice.


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