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Oil and Gas Drilling: Add your voice to this petition before it's presented tomorrow!

Posted by Meaghan Carmody on July 09, 2018 at 04:49 PM

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On Tuesday, the Oireachtas Committee on Climate Action will hold hearings on a Bill to ban exploration for more gas off the Irish coast [1]. The Committee has to decide whether to kill the Bill or progress it to the next stage.

Not Here Not Anywhere (NHNA), a grassroots campaigning group working to protect Ireland's coasts from fossil fuel drilling, have been working tirelessly on this campaign for a year, and will be presenting a petiton to the Chair of this committee tomorrow afternoon.

Their petition currently has just over 3,000 names.

Can you help it reach 4,000?

Hildegarde Naughton TD, Chair of the Committee on Climate Action has agreed to receive the petition when the hearing finishes (sometime between 1:30pm and 2pm we understand).

If you sign and share the petition, you could easily inspire a handful of your friends and family to sign too, and we can present an even stronger petition, which we know has huge impact from our experiences presenting a petition before the Fracking Bill (see image), and at a key stage of the Waste Reduction Bill.Fracking petition handover 1 Feb

We have less than 24 hours.

Will you sign and share now?

This could be a very big week for Irish climate policy, which could see the tide turning on policies that have cast us as second last on the European stage of climate action and ambition [2], as the Divestment Bill will go to the crucial Report Stage on Thursday July 12th (see last week's e-mail here).

Will you be involved in pushing for stronger climate policy at this key moment in the history of the Irish environmental movement?

Meaghan for signature


Meaghan Carmody
Head of Mobilization
Friends of the Earth


P.S. For more information about the Bill and what it callls for, you can read this excellent piece of work from Not Here Not Anywhere, outlining the myriad reasons why it would be folly to prevent the passage of this Bill. Additionally, the Stop Climate Chaos coalition has published a comprehensive briefing around the Climate Emergency Measures Bill entitled 'Ending Fossil Fuel Exploration in Ireland'.


[1] Ban offshore oil & gas drilling
[2] Ireland and Poland worst countries in EU for action and ambition on climate change

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