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'Shop and Drop' is Next Saturday. And we need your help!

Posted by Oisín Coghlan on April 14, 2018 at 10:16 AM


Next Saturday, April 21st, is the Sick Of Plastic Day of Action on Supermarket Packaging. We're asking all our supporters to "Shop and Drop" - shop as normal in your local supermarket and then drop your unwanted packaging at the checkout after you pay.

Hundreds have people have signed up to volunteer outside supermarkets on the day. Thank you so much if you are one of them. And we've had more media interest in this than anything else we have ever organized.

Now we need to make sure it really happens on the day. And we need your help to maximize the impact. Can you:

1. Chip in to cover the costs
2. Volunteer on the day
3. Spread the Word

1. Chip in to cover the costs

Shop and Drop Donate Button


We campaign on a shoestring but so far we have racked up bills of just over €2,000 on design and print of postcards and posters, postage, props and photographs and other materials. The local organizers and volunteers love them but we need help to pay for them. If 200 of us could chip in €10 then we'd have it covered. Give what you can here.


2. Volunteer on the day

The more of us who stand outside our local supermarket for a couple of hours handing out postcards, the more people will take part. I'll be outside my local Tesco in Rathmines. Can you do the same?

Fill out this form to volunteer on the day and we'll
Connect you with any other volunteers in your area.
Put your local supermarket on the Map Of Action
Send you a pack of postcards and posters.

3. Spread the word

The public response to this action is the best we ever had. But we need to make it happen on the ground next Saturday if the supermarkets are going to take it seriously and begin cutting down their packaging. We know they are hearing us. Together we can make them list.

Let's do it!


Shop and Drop BANNER - USE THIS

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