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Last night we made history. Now let's make the future.

Posted by Oisín Coghlan on October 28, 2016 at 11:47 AM

hanne dk - Keep it in the ground
Keep it in the ground

10 days ago we asked for your help to get a Bill to ban fracking over its first big hurdle in the Dáil. You responded like never before, raising money for a legal opinion on the Bill in less than 24 hours. Then 2,500 of you wrote to your local TDs urging them to #BackTheBill.

And you won!

At 7.20pm last night, at the end of a 2 hour debate, the Ceann Comhairle noted that the Dáil had agreed unanimously to approve the Bill in principle and refer it to next stage without delay. The Government had tabled an amendment to stall the Bill for a year or more but they backed down in the face of support for swift progress by TDs from all sides of the house. The result is a tribute to the local campaigners who have worked long and hard to raise concerns about fracking. And it shows how we can help to amplify their voices and create policy change.

river aweg SWANYesterday's vote isn't just a crucial step towards banning fracking, it is an historic first step towards a fossil free future. For the first time ever Ireland has said it's going to leave some fossil fuels in the ground unburned.

Now our job is to make sure it's not a one-off but rather a turning point towards sustained action to reduce climate pollution and secure a safe and healthy future for us all.

That's where you can make all the difference.

We want to press on now. To get a fair payment for solar electricity to generate a rooftop revolution to power the future. To end the burning of peat for electricity. To make sure Moneypoint stops burning coal as soon as possible. To see proper support for communities who want to take ownership of their energy future. And to ensure the Government's planned National Dialogue on Climate Change enables Ireland to finally face up to the challenges and opportunities of the biggest transition since the industrial revolution.

Will you join us for the victories ahead? Not every week will be as satisfying as this one. Not every battle will be won. But every week you will know that you are supporting the movement for a clean, healthy and safe future.

For as little as €1 or €2 a week you can join our Sustainers Circle.

Supporters who make monthly donations by direct debit are the bedrock of our independence and influence. It gives us the security to plan the campaigns we need to win a fossil free future.

Thousands of us came together to progress the ban on fracking this week. Imagine what we can achieve if we stick together.

We are up against powerful vested interests, like the fossil fuel industry, who are resisting progress. But they are on the wrong side of history. We can see the future and together we can make it happen.

Yours in hope,

Oisín Coghlan
Friends of the Earth

P.S. If you already make a monthly donation, thank you. We could not have played our part in this victory without your support. Our campaigning on fracking is entirely funded by our supporters.

Catch up on what happened this week

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There was a good item on Drivetime on Wednesday.

"With no established industry, let’s ban fracking before it begins" - Victoria White in the Examiner yesterday.

I "live-tweeted" the Dáil debate. You don't need to be on Twitter to read it here.

This is what Twitter made of it all on #BackTheBill

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The ups and downs of a campaigning week tracked by the Independent:

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And an international view.

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Our work on fracking depends entirely on your donations.


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