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Ask your TD to #BackTheBill to ban fracking

Posted by Kate Ruddock on October 20, 2016 at 05:27 PM

Will you ask your TD to vote for a ban on fracking next week?

There is a Bill to ban fracking in Ireland scheduled for debate in the Dáil next week (Thurs 27th Oct, 3:30 - 5:30). If we can mobilize enough support it will take a crucial step towards becoming law. But we need your TDs to agree to it.

Most political parties have either a stated policy or declared in their election manifesto's that they are opposed to fracking. Have a look at this infographic of what the different parties have said about fracking.

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Now we need to make sure they keep their promises.


Fracking is the term for extracting shale oil and gas from deep under the ground. The process involves pumping millions of gallons of water mixed with sand and toxic chemicals deep into the ground at explosive pressures. This process has serious negative impacts on the environment and the health of communities nearby. Particularly unacceptable is the contamination of surface and groundwater, including drinking water.

For our health, for our land, and for our water fracking is bad news. But above all else fracking is bad for the health of our climate.

Last week as he ratified the Paris Agreement, Minister Naughten said "Climate change is the defining challenge of our time and it is during our time that the obligation exists for us as a nation to take action". Please help us let him know there is no support for more fossil fuels in Ireland's future.

Click here and you can send a personalised email to your local TDs, or send our pre-drafted one. And if you have 5 minutes call Leinster House on 01 618 3000 and ask to be put through to their offices.

Thank you,

Kate and the Friends of the Earth Team

P.S. Please forwad this email to anyone you know who wants to see fracking banned. And please do email your TD and ask them to support the Bill to ban fracking next week. TD's really do listen when their voters ask them to do something.

P.P.S The Sustainable Water Network (SWAN), of which we are a member, is launching an independent research study on fracking next Tuesday 25th at 1:00 in Buswells Hotel, Dublin. Their research concludes hydraulic fracturing and other shale gas activities in Ireland would have a significant and negative impact on our already fragile water environment, and should not be permitted. We'll be at the launch and would love to see you there.

And thank you to everyone who supported our emergency appeal to fund a legal analysis on the Bill to check its legally sound. The news is good from the lawyer and we'll have the formal legal opinion in writing early next week.

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Our work on fracking depends entirely on your donations.


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