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Enda let us down in Paris - tell him it's time to lead.

Posted by Oisín Coghlan on December 04, 2015 at 05:28 PM


Enda Kenny let us down in Paris.

Tell the Taoiseach it's time to lead.

I was in Paris on Monday to hear the Taoiseach address the opening of the UN Climate Conference. In the plenary hall he told the assembled world leaders "this requires action by everyone, Ireland is determined to play its part".

But he told the Irish media that he wanted special treatment, that the recession meant we couldn't hit our emissions targets and that climate change wasn't a priority.

It was deeply disappointing doublespeak.

We've joined with Trócaire and Uplift for this petition to tell Enda we want a climate leader not a special pleader.

We think the Taoiseach misjudged the public mood. There were 5,000 people on the streets of Dublin, Belfast, Cork and Galway. They are determined Ireland will play its part.

Please join us in letting the Taoiseach know you're ready for climate action and it's time for him to lead.

Thank you,


P.S. As well as Signing the Petition, please SHARE it on Facebook and Retweet it on Twitter, and forward this email to anyone who be ready for climate action.

For more see George Lee's report from Paris, listen to Philip Boucher Hayes's report on Drivetime, read our press release, the Irish Times or Irish Indo reports, or watch the RTE Primetime debate from last night.

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