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System Change for a Just Transition: Seminar & Action Series

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Over the course of Winter 2019 and Spring 2020, we will run a number of events on a variety of topics related to the interconnected global justice issues we face.

We want to connect the dots between issues and provide people like you with the opportunity to reflect on how you can take effective action for change.

Each session will be different, but most will have at least one guest speaker and Q&A before heading into thinking collectively around how to campaign for a just transition to a zero pollution, equal society.

In Spring 2020, we will look at dirty energy, food, the financial system and finish the series with a final evening on 'Just Transition', tying the series together and determining how we move forward in the face of crisis towards a more just, inclusive future in line with ecological limits.

Monday November 11th 2019: How can we show solidarity with front-line communities communities affected by environmental injustice and climate change?

Saturday December 7th 2019: 'Resist: How to be an activist in an age of defiance'

Tuesday March 3rd 2020What would an alternative financial system that is in line with ecological limits and social justice look like? 

Tuesday March 24th 2020 (online)Energy Democracy & Community Power Webinar - watch here!

Wednesday April 22nd, 7pm: Keep it free! More details to follow.

This series is funded by Irish Aid.

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