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System:Reset Project

System:Reset is a Pan-European project that Friends of the Earth is a part of. The project aims to build platforms across Europe to bring young people from under-represented communities into multi-levelled decision-making and build strong, collective visions for a socially just and ecologically sound future.

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We live at a time of multi-layered environmental and social injustices, with the ongoing climate and ecological crisis disproportionately affecting the most marginalised communities. Yet these communities tend to be excluded from political decision-making, cut out of discussions about what the future of our societies will look like. The System:Reset project is working to change this.

System:Reset is led by Friends of the Earth groups in Ireland, Malta, Denmark, Estonia, North Macedonia, Cyprus, Spain, Croatia and Austria. It will empower 3,300 young people, at least 500 of whom are underrepresented youth, to embark on collective visioning and joint planning, and have their demands amplified in national and European decision making processes. It will bring about increased awareness of these issues to 150,000 European citizens, and encourage the EU and the national policy makers to act on the demands and solutions proposed by young people in order to bring about the just, intersectional transformation of society we need by 2030.

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