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Join the Facilitators and Trainers Network!

The Facilitators and Trainers Network emerged in recognition that there are so many gifted facilitators and educators in our midst, and they are unconnected from the renewable energy source that is - each other! A strong movement needs to consistently learn, grow, and adapt. And we can't do this alone. Networks help movement members feel a sense of support, partnership and community - critical for keeping going when the going gets tough.

Friends of the Earth is a small and nimble environmental justice non-profit that seeks to shift the current system we live in to one that is more just and in line with ecological limits. We believe in building people power - and that involves enabling those favourable to the causes we work on to take action, so that the agency of those with the will to see change happen is continuously built. We want to build capacity, spread learning and help grow a supportive network of facilitators and trainers around Ireland.

Will you be part of this exciting train-the-trainer project and take on a workshop delivery role, delivering workshops around the country in order to help grow the movement for a just transition to a fossil free society?

What does it involve?

  • Attending a train-the-trainer workshop in our office in 9 Upper Mount Street, Dublin
  • Inputting your own ideas to the workshop
  • Getting to know other facilitators in the network and learning from them too! You will be encouraged to work together for learning, development and peer support
  • Taking part in train the trainer peer support and up-skilling sessions throughout 2020 with development education practitioners, the training network and experienced campaigners, most likely on a quarterly basis


You will be trained in development education methodologies, and will be part of a burgeoning network of facilitators around the country. We will periodically run sessions where you can learn about our different campaigns, and come up with the best ways together to run interactive sessions in your town, university, or for your activist group.

Think about how you first got activated to make a change in the world. Maybe you could give that experience to somebody else?

Sign up now!

P.S. We hope to be in a position to be able to pay facilitators to run each session, but this is unfortunately dependent on Friends of the Earth funding at the time. We regret that we can't guarantee funding for every session you run right now, but we're working hard fundraising for this important work, so that you can be adequately financially compensated for your work. However, if financial difficulties would prevent you from travelling to the train-the-trainer induction sessions, we will cover you to attend.


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