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Our staff team

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Left to right: Jamie (Chair of the Board), Áine, Claudia, Triona, Oisín, Meaghan, Kate, Clodagh.

At the heart of the Friends of the Earth Community is a team of people committed to working with all our friends and allies to build an environmental and climate justice movement strong enough to get the system change we need to prevent climate breakdown and ecological collapse.

Oisín Coghlan, Director

Kate Ruddock, Deputy Director

Áine O'Gorman, Actvism Support

Audrey Vallier, Operations

Catherine Devitt, Climate Policy

Claudia Tormey, Supporter Care and Community Building

Clodagh Schofield, Digital Engagement

Meaghan Carmody, Education and Learning

Triona Reid, Outreach

Digital Revolutionaries