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Tell Naughten his Climate Plan is F-rated

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We want a climate plan we can be proud of.

Why This? Why Now?

It's taken 6 years but Enda Kenny's Government has finally published a draft climate action plan.

But it's so awful it's embarrassing. In the face of the greatest threat humanity faces Ireland is looking for a free ride. If this plan was a lightbulb or a fridge-freezer it would get an F-rating.

It's not really a plan at all, it reads like a discussion document. And it doesn't actually adopt any new actions to reduce Ireland's emissions.

It gives up on meeting our 2020 targets and would see Ireland overshoot our 2030 target by 20%, incurring financial penalties of €3bn to €6bn.

It focuses on cost of action and ignores the cost of inaction and the benefits - from job creation, to warmer homes, to lower bills - of moving to a low carbon future.

Ireland's emissions are actually rising when they need to drop by at least 5% a year for the next 30 years to meet our own national objective under the Climate Action Act 2015.

Our political leaders are putting vested interests ahead of the public interest. And they are counting on the public not paying attention.

Friends of the Earth is joining with our allies in the Stop Climate Chaos coalition to make it clear the public wants Ireland to do its fair share.

Sign the petition to tell the Minister he needs to come back with a plan we can be proud of.

(We'll also submit the petition to the Citizen's Assembly which will be considering climate change over the next couple of months).

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